Arai Quantic set to arrive on market, with ECE 22.06 rating

Photo: Arai

Arai’s new Quantic sport touring helmet may be the safest bike lid ever, and it’s just about to hit the market. Except, maybe not in Canada just yet.

The Quantic helmet is Arai’s first to meet Europe’s new ECE 22.06 safety rating, replacing the previous ECE 22.05 rating.

What’s in the new rating? Under the new testing regime, helmets must better handle degradation from extreme temperatures, UV light, water, etc. They must degrade less over time. Depending on the style of helmet (full face, jet helmet, etc.), there are specific updates (face shields have an impact-resistant rating, full-face helmet have a minimum eyeport size, and so on). Basically, it’s the usual list of incremental improvements that the regulators like, to keep pushing the helmet makers to build a better product.

From 2023, all motorcycle helmets sold in the EU must meet ECE 22.06, so it’s a big deal for Arai to build its first helmet to this standard. Arai originally showed the helmet off in December, but it’s supposed to hit the market in Europe in the next few weeks. Although the Quantic will no doubt arrive in North America at some point, Arai is obviously more keen on bringing it to the EU first, where the ECE standard matters.

Although the helmet is rated to meet the new ECE 22.06 standard, there’s no earth-shattering new technology otherwise. It’s got Arai’s Pinlock-ready VAS Max Vision face shield system, with an outer shell made from Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (another proprietary Arai material). The helmet has Arai’s Free Flow System for better ventilation (with six intake and six exhaust vents), and the Face Contour System, with spring-mounted pads for a better facial fit.

All this is very cool, but we’ve seen it before in other Arai lids. Still, the combination of top-shelf features and latest safety rating may make the Quantic very desirable for serious sport touring riders if/when it shows up here in Canuckistan. See more details, including colour choices, at Arai’s Euro website.



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