Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival to start video-on-demand service

Photo: TMFF

The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is moving into new territory, with a video-on-demand service debuting  April 15.

Previously, the TMFF screened films for a few days in the fall, over the festival’s duration, and occasionally screened films at other special occasions. With last year’s move to online streaming, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the TMFF website streamed films during the festival and also streamed individual films on a case-by-case basis (in March, the TMFF screened Never Ride Alone).

Now, the TMFF website will carry a selection of motorcycle films for year-round screening. The festival is launching a video-on-demand service that will function in a fashion similar to Disney+, Apple TV, Netflix, etc.

What videos will the site stream?

What sort of films will the website show?

For starters, you’ll get feature films that were previously screened at the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival, along with new releases. The organizers also plan to secure screening rights for classic motorcycle movies. Does that mean we’ll see Easy Rider?

Maybe. Film festival head honcho Caius Tenche says he wants this streaming service to become a go-to destination for moto movies, something like the Criterion Collection, but for motorcycles.

At the start of the service, the price for a digital rental will be $6.99 plus tax, or $3.99 plus tax for shorts.

You can see the TMFF’s press release below; keep an eye on the festival’s website for more details, as the launch date nears.

Press release

TMFF Cinema

We’re getting revved up

Launching the Netflix for motorcycle films

On April 15th TMFF Cinema will be re-launched as a year-round video-on-demand platform, which will feature films from past our Festivals, new releases, and hand-picked classics. It will be everything you love about TMFF, brought to your home, year-round, and available to a global audience.

At launch, TMFF Cinema will include a collection of our alumni films along with some exciting new releases, and we will continue to add new films regularly. Movie rentals will start at $6.99+tax for feature films and $3.99+tax for shorts, with numerous films available to watch for free. With each rental, we will split the profits with the filmmakers, which is another way to show support for their craft and our festival’s cultural mission.

TMFF Cinema will become the go-to catalog of outstanding storytelling as told through the lens of motorcycling; the place for people to find great films, and the place where the cultural influence of motorcycles is celebrated through film.

We’re stoked about the ability to share our favourite films with a global audience, and hope you’ll join us online when we launch. We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think.

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