CMG Garage: Thruxton Tail Tidy

Admittedly I’m biased since I own one, but I think that the Thruxton is among the most beautiful motorcycles on the road. Relaunched in 2016 as part of Triumph’s “Modern Classics” lineup, I’ve lusted after the updated 1200 models since they were unveiled. The only glaring compromise in design is the massive rear fender assembly. North American regulations are particularly stringent, so manufacturers are saddled with the task of blending style with the required safety standards. Some models are certainly worse off than others.

There are many aftermarket fender eliminator or “tail tidy” options out there to choose from. Some seem to be of questionable quality, while others are sleek to a point of being unnoticeable, which is downright unsafe. I did a lot of research looking for a unit that would be streamlined and suit the aesthetic of the motorcycle, but also offer a light signature large and bright enough to alert drivers behind me of my actions. I settled on the A3T Fender Eliminator from Analog Motor Goods. It is the second version of the model since it was originally designed for the previous generation Thruxton.

What’s in the box?????

Watching the unboxing video here, you can see what to expect once the package arrives, but it contains a durable 6061 aluminum body featuring a license plate bracket, bright LEDs and an OEM quality wiring harness. The box also contains installation instructions and the necessary hardware.

Stock fender assembly and aftermarket tail tidy side by side for reference.

The removal of the stock fender and installation of the tail tidy kit was incredibly simple, requiring limited mechanical knowledge and skills. It was completed in less than 10 minutes using basic tools. The final product sheds weight and looks fantastic with either the solo or passenger seat installed.

Before and After.

If you’re looking for a fender eliminator for the Thruxton, we highly recommend this kit. It retails for $455.00 (USD) which cost about $569 at the time of purchase.


  1. Thanks for the article Dustin.
    I did have one question when I see these kits.
    Would there be an issue with wheel water spray with the back fender gone? Or is the tail piece still long enough to prevent that?

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