Marilynn Bastedo, longtime CEO of Canadian Motorcycle Association, retires

Marilynn Bastedo, the leader of the Canadian Motorcycle Association (CMA) for decades, has retired.

The news came out earlier today via a post on the CMA’s Facebook page. It read, “It is with mixed emotions that we announce that Marilynn Bastedo has retired from her position as CEO of the Canadian Motorcycle Association.

A full biography will follow, but as most of you know, Marilynn has dedicated her life to improving conditions for motorcyclists in Canada. Her many awards attest to the impact she has had on both the motorcycling and the wider community.

We wish Marilynn a long and happy retirement. Cards can be sent to the office. Best Wishes can be sent to any of the emails on our website or to our Facebook page and they will be passed along to Marilynn.”

The CMA did not give any reason for Bastedo’s retirement. She had stepped back from her role as CEO in April 2020 due to health reasons, with CMA president Holly Ralph taking over as interim CEO at that time.

Bastedo had helped lead the CMA in its role promoting motorcycling in Canada since the 1970s, although she herself was not a rider. Under her leadership, the CMA was also the FIM’s Canadian affiliate, responsible for sanctioning national-level racing and providing a pathway for Canadians who want to race out-of-country. However, most of Canada’s national-level racing is now sanctioned by the Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada (MCC), due to dissatisfaction with Bastedo’s leadership over the years. This has caused plenty of controversy, which came to a head in January of 2021.

At the FIM’s annual General Assembly this winter, a majority of members voted to expel the CMA from its position in the organization, with the MCC hoping to take over. However, there weren’t enough votes to actually end the FIM’s relationship with CMA under the organization’s rules, despite the majority opinion. Afterwards, MCC members said they would continue with their plan to replace the CMA.

Now, with Bastedo retired, other options may come back on the table. The MCC and CMA had previously considered a merger, but that deal was nixed. Perhaps those talks will re-open? Stay tuned on this one, as the story is bound to be ongoing in coming months.

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