CMG Garage: Vance & Hines Exhaust Install

One of the first upgrades most riders make after buying a new bike is swapping out the stock exhaust. Many systems are ungainly and downright unsightly. Purchasing a 2019 Triumph Thruxton R last summer, I actually don’t mind the look of the stock system and quite like the sound. I was however attracted to the idea of saving some weight and bringing out the character of the 1200 parallel-twin.

I gravitated to this set from Vance and Hines because they follow the same style aesthetic as the originals but are lighter and smaller. They also come with removable baffles, so that the sound and volume can be adjusted based on your preference.

Before/After. Here you can see the size difference between the stock and aftermarket pipes.

We’ve left the baffles in, but will share a video shortly about how to remove them, along with what they sound like before and after. The installation was quick and simple using basic tools. In total, it took less than five minutes. You can watch the install here:

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