Check out the Janus Halcyon 450!

The Janus Halcyon 450. Photo: Janus

Looking for a vintage motorcycle, but can’t afford the rapidly rising prices in the pre-War market? Or maybe, you just don’t feel like tinkering with 1930s technology? Janus has your back, with its line of 250 retros, and now the new Halcyon 450 model.

Janus is very much a niche company. It’s based in Goshen, Indiana, and its focus is retro-look motorcycles using modern-ish engines. For the 2010s, it built machines based around air-cooled 229 cc Lifan motorcycle engines. The Halcyon 250 is the company’s true old-school model, with Earles-type front fork and rigid rear end and general styling from the days before World War II. The Gryffin 250 is a scrambler, and the Phoenix 250 is a cafe racer. All these bikes were built to order, with almost everything but the engines made in the US, and as many components as possible sourced from local craftsmen, including Amish workers.

Because of their super-limited, hand-built production, these machines aren’t cheap, with pricing starting at $7,500 US for the Halcyon 250.

The 250 series was fast enough for secondary roads, but not great for highway riding. So, Janus now has a faster model. The just-unveiled Halcyon 450 looks very similar to its 250 predecessor, but with rear suspension and a much more powerful motor.

The 450 engine is the same air-cooled engine that Euro manufacturer SWM uses, ultimately based on the old Honda XR400 design. It should make about 30 horsepower, which isn’t lots, but it is enough for most traffic in North America—supposedly, the bike will hit 144 km/n (90 mph). This engine is made in China these days, and it’s fuel-injected, instead of the old carbureted design.

The Halcyon 450 gets proper Brembo brakes, with stainless lines. IKON shocks come standard. The wheels are 18-inchers front and rear, and the bike’s claimed dry weight is 156 kg.

Unfortunately, the new motorcycle is also going to be pretty pricey. MSRP starts at $13,500. Head to the Janus website for more details and photos.

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