New Monster enters production, new Scrambler coming soon!

The new 2021 Ducati Monster. Photo: Ducati

The Euro manufacturers seem to be approaching 2021 with plenty of vigor, after the sad-sack 2020 seas. Every day or two, we get another press release saying some factory is starting production of a new model, and we can expect it in showrooms shortly.

Today, that news is true for the all-newish Ducati Monster. Ducati’s press release says the machine is on the production line, and the factory plans for delivery to Canadian dealers in April. There’s also a promise that we’re about to see a new Scrambler model unveiled.

The new Monster comes in at $13,495 MSRP, with $13,895 for the Monster Plus model (with flashy paint, but basically the same).

If you were paying attention last December, you’ll remember Ducati unveiled a new Ducati Monster for 2021. The new machine uses the same 937 cc Testastretta L-twin that the SuperSport has, along with other bikes. The engine is updated to Euro5 emissions standards, making 110 hp and 69 ft-lb of torque.

The new Monster is a radical departure from the series’ usual design. Instead of a steel tube trellis frame, Ducati uses the engine itself as a mounting point for various frame sub-assemblies. The headstock, subframe, and swingarm all bolt to the engine, just like the Panigale V4 series. It has much longer maintenance intervals than previous Ducati engines, with oil changes every 15,000 km, valve adjustments every 30,000 km. There’s an up/down quickshifter as standard. Ducati uses an IMU to control a modern electronics package, with leaning-sensitive traction control, ABS, etc. This Monster is more powerful than the 797 and 821 models it replaces (that’s right—those machines are canceled this year), but it’s more controllable. Win-win.

You can read more about the new Monster and Monster Plus in our initial write-up here.

Looks like the new Scrambler will be offroad-oriented. Photo: Ducati

New Scrambler!

Ducati’s website also promises a new Scrambler, which we should see revealed in coming days. All we know is what we saw on the homepage, screen-capped above. Looks like the new machine will have an emphasis on offroad capability. We’ll know more soon.

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