Limber up for riding season

Motorcycle racers know the importance of staying healthy and fit. It doesn’t matter how smoothly your bike is running if your body isn’t up to the task. The last year has no doubt contributed to a sedentary lifestyle for many people which is never good. The inability to leave the house for anything other than essential actives has made cross-training and weightlifting a challenge. Just because you may not be able to visit the local gym, doesn’t mean that you can’t stay limber and in shape. Spending two days thrashing trails on a snowmobile recently made me realize how ill-prepared I am for the upcoming riding season, so I decided to consult a friend who happens to be training in this field. Cherie Korol is an avid motorcyclist, meditation coach and yogi in training. Being a rider herself, she offered to provide a selection of simple stretches that would increase flexibility and reduce discomfort. The last thing I want is to miss out on a ride due to a strained or pulled muscle. The following five entry-level yoga poses cover the major muscle groups most will use for riding. They can all be done from home, in a hotel room, or in a parking lot. The sequence can be done before, after, or even during a mid-ride break. Hold each position for between 30 seconds to a minute. Don’t force any of the positions or proceed if you feel any pain or discomfort. Don’t attempt if you may aggravate existing injuries. Feel free to follow Cherie on Instagram for more lifestyle tips.

1) Seated Spinal Twist The Pose: Place one leg over the other just below the knee. Wrap the opposite arm around your bent leg, gently pulling on the outer right while slowly twisting your body. Then switch sides. For the advanced pose, press the outer elbow against the outer knee, keeping the forearm flat against your leg. 2) Standing Wide-Legged Forward Bend The Pose: Stand in a wide-legged position with both legs straight. Feet should be flat and aligned with one another. Slowly bend down and place palms on ground between feet, either bending the elbows or keeping the arms straight, reaching the crown of the head toward the ground. 3) Cossack Squat Posture (Lateral wide-stance squat) The Pose: Bend the left knee to lower the hips into a side squat. Repeat on right side. 4) Kneeling Crescent Lunge The Pose: Lean forward with the left leg, stretching the front of the right thigh. Keep the back knee grounded. Arch the back to grab the right ankle. Repeat pose with right leg forward. 5) Sleeping Pigeon Pose The Pose: Position the right under your body, with the knee, foot, and hip all at 90 degrees flat on the ground. Extend the rear leg straight backwards, keeping the torso upright. Lean forward keeping arms slightly bent with hands flat on the ground shoulder-width apart. If comfortable to do so, continue to lean forward towards the floor with palms under the shoulders.

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