Look, it’s the super-expensive Brough Superior Lawrence

Photo: Brough Superior

Behold the Brough Superior Lawrence, the retro motorcycle with a name that sounds like a Zellers product, and a price tag aimed at the petro-wealthy and Wall Street wizards.

Of course, the name is really a callback to T.E. Lawrence, the famed author/soldier who rose to fame as Lawrence of Arabia. He owned several of the original Brough Superior models, and died in a crash on one, back in 1935.

When Brough Superior came back in 2013, its philosophy was different from the original pre-World War II incarnation. The original company was big on speed and big on style, and the zombie company talks the same game. However, its machines aren’t powerhouses like the original Brough Superiors; the new machines use a liquid-cooled 997 cc V-twin that makes 102 hp, and 62 lb-ft of torque. That’s less than half of a modern litrebike.

The only Brough Superior model made for two-up riding. Photo: Brough Superior

However, Brough Superior uses plenty of trick materials to keep the weight down, so the bike is still a fun street machine. The frame and sub-frame are titanium, and the bodywork and 17-litre fuel tank are made of carbon-fibre. The Hossack-style front fork is made of CNC’d aluminum, with titanium links; the swingarm is also CNC’d aluminum, and the wheels are machined aluminum as well. Beringer provided the front and rear brakes.

Add it all up, and the bike’s listed weight (most likely the dry weight) is 200 kg. Not bad for a retro machine with a V-twin powerplant.

The Brough Superior Lawrence costs a whopping 66,000 euros, which works out to just about $100,000 CAD. Maybe you think it’s a hideously gaudy affair, so you’re not disappointed anyway. Or maybe you like the bike, and you actually have 100k sitting around waiting to splurge on a new bike. If that’s the case, better act soon, as Brough Superior is only making 188 of these machines.

Find out more details on the Lawrence at Brough Superior’s website.

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