Honda considers the made-in-India CB350 for export markets

Honda H'Ness CB350 RS. Photo: Honda

Last month, we told you about the Honda H’Ness RS, the latest version of the made-in-India CB350 retro platform. We also told you it wasn’t coming to Canada, like the rest of the CB350 line. Now, there are some hints that may change.

According to a report in the Economic Times last week, execs with Honda’s Indian subsidiary are now considering exporting the H’Ness to other markets. A Honda bigwig told the Times that “Since this model is already meeting the European regulations, there are many countries where this model could be exported. So we are in discussion with our headquarters. Already the model is three months old in the domestic market and there is interest from other Honda companies across the globe.

Indeed, journos from around the globe have all taken notice of the chirpy little Honda, as it seems like a retro machine that could come in at a pretty decent price. It’s not particularly powerful. Its air-cooled single-cylinder engine only makes about 20 hp, and it weighs 181 kg wet. However, your average buyer isn’t getting this bike to race, they’re getting it to pose, and it does that well. It’s a good-looking machine, and the engine is likely much more sturdy than a UJM from the ’70s or ’80s that’s seen no top-end maintenance in a decade.

Plus, the H’Ness gives you EFI, ABS, traction control, a slipper clutch, LED lights, and the option to sync with smartphone and helmet headset for infotainment. Japanese design and quality control mixed with affordable Indian construction could mean this would be an affordable bike that’s just what the western retro markets need.


  1. There are a lot of baby boomers like myself out there looking for a light weight cruiser, not heavy and being fuel efficient. A motorcycle to enjoy for leisure not for racing. Please bring the CB350RS to Canada.

  2. We absolutely need a retro light weight cruiser. I would purchase a CB350RS over the Rebel hands down. There’s word that Royal Enfield will be exporting their 350cc line of motorcycles and in my opinion may dominate the market if Honda doesn’t pay attention. I would choose a Honda motorcycle over an RE if given a choice.

  3. I like the fact it has cast rims. My CB500X had cast wheels/rims and in the event of getting a flat on a Sunday afternoon 120 kms out of town those tubeless tires made it a 1/2 hour fix and back on the road. They are the answer.

  4. Alrighty then. How about wire/spoke wheels and handlebars that are a little taller, a little wider and slightly pulled back. Slipper clutch is a bonus.

  5. If I were in the market for a light weight cruiser I would definitely look at this bike over a Rebel 300. It has those tasteful lines that just look so comfortable. And Honda bulletproof engineering.

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