Royal Enfield recall

Recall #: 2021-066 (Manufacturer recall SC-14)
Models Involved: 2019-2021 Continental, Interceptor
Number of Vehicles: 325
Issue: On certain motorcycles, the brake calipers could corrode over time. If this happens, the brakes could start to drag, which may cause them to overheat. Overheated brakes could lead to reduced braking.
Note: Dragging brakes could make noise when applied and create unusual odors or a burning smell. You may also notice reduced acceleration and the motorcycle can be more difficult to push manually.
Safety Risk: Reduced braking could cause an increase in stopping distance and create the risk of a crash.
Corrective Actions: Royal Enfield will notify owners by mail and instruct you to take your motorcycle to a dealer to replace the front and rear brake calipers. Until the recall repairs are completed, you should inspect your motorcycle before each ride to ensure that the brakes are not dragging.


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