Moto Guzzi announces Canadian pricing for V7 models

Moto Guzzi V7 Stone. Photo: Moto Guzzi

Back in December, we told you Moto Guzzi has much-updated versions of the V7 line on the market. Now, we’ve got the price tag for the new machines.

In case you’ve forgotten, the V7 line has now grown to 850 cc, which means a 25 percent jump in output, to 65 horsepower. Max torque is now 54 lb-ft, with 44 lb-ft available as low as 3,000 rpm. It’s still an air-cooled transverse V-twin, though, showing Moto Guzzi’s determination to keep this engine platform alive. It’s still made in Italy, too.

Moto Guzzi also significantly overhauled the chassis, to handle the increased power. Along with changes to the swingarm (sturdier, and wider, to handle fatter tires), there’s also a new set of rear shocks, with added travel. Moto Guzzi says the new suspension and a new seat also make the V7 line more comfortable.

The V7 line looks familiar, but it’s definitely had a style update as well. When you see the front of the bike, you notice an eagle-shaped daytime running light built into the main beam. Lighting, of course, is LED front and rear. See more details and photos in our December write-up here. While the V7 line has a few different models, the only ones we’re getting in Canada are the Stone and Special.

Moto Guzzi reps say the V7 Stone will be available in Canada in early spring, priced at $10,990. The V7 Special will be here at end of March, priced at $11,590. And, the V7 Stone 100th Anniversary (remember, this is Moto Guzzi’s centennial) is priced at $11,390.

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