Triumph T100 models get more horsepower

Photo: Triumph

Triumph updated its 1200 cc Bonneville models, but the 900 cc series arguably sees more improvements. Canadian units will be 2022 models.

That’s because the T100 Bonneville and other bikes in this family see a horsepower boost, up 10 hp to 64 hp at 7,400 rpm. Peak torque is 59 lb-ft at 3,750 rpm. Generally speaking, most of the torque is available between 2,000 and 7,000 rpm, right where you want it on the street.

The horsepower increase comes as Triumph improves engine efficiency with a low-inertia crankshaft, lighter balancer shafts, and some other tweaks. The new engine is Euro5-compliant as well, and more fuel-efficient.

There are three new 100-series models for 2021, at this point. There’s a T100 Bonneville, Street Twin, and Street Twin Gold Line. ABS and switchable traction control are standard on all these models.

The Bonneville T100 is basically the same formula as the T120 version, but without Rain and Road riding modes, and a smaller engine. Photo: Triumph

T100 Bonneville

This version of the Bonnie has basically the same chrometastic trim as the T120, with retro seat, handlebars and gauges, and so on. Triumph added new cartridge forks and Brembo brakes, and cut nine pounds of weight. There are some changes to the trim as well. Triumph says the T100 Bonneville will be in Canada in March, priced at $11,550.

The Street Twin has a 900 cc engine, but it makes much more power this season. Photo: Triumph

Street Twin

The Street Twin is similar to the T100 Bonneville, but with cast rims that lower the price tag. The cast rims (re-designed for 2021) allow Triumph to go with Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires, for improved traction and handling. The Street Twin also gets a thicker seat, and like the T120 models, it has Rain and Road riding modes. It’s priced at $10,600, and it will arrive in Canada in March.

The Street Twin Gold Line has considerable flash. It’s built in super-limited numbers. Photo: Triumph

Street Twin Gold Line

The Street Twin Gold Line is a limited-production run (only 1,000 units) of the Street Twin with a high-end finish. Mechanically, it seems the same as the standard model, but it comes with an updated seat, cast wheels, and bodywork. The marketing copy says “The Street Twin Gold Line limited edition comes with a stunning Matte Sapphire Black paint scheme with Triumph heritage logo and hand-painted gold lining. Custom details are extended also to the Street Twin’s wheels, with machined spoke detailing and exquisite gold pin striping, as well as the new side panel which includes a custom Street Twin logo, further enhancing the exclusivity of this limited edition.” It arrives in Canada in June, priced at $11,350.


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