Science of SX: Kawasaki video series explains Supercross

Photo: Kawasaki

We don’t talk much about it on CMG, but Supercross is back up and running again in the US. As you’d expect, the 2020 season saw considerable disruption due to COVID-19 (they did finish the series, though). 

Supercross is basically motocross inside, which means it can run in winter. In turn, that means you can watch it all winter long on TV, even before MotoGP and World Superbike start again. But if you don’t have the coin for a Supercross viewing package, you can at least watch Kawasaki’s excellent Science of SX video series on YouTube. You can see the most recent updated below:

This series has been going on for quite a while—this is Episode 79, after all. You can see the whole YouTube playlist here, and it’s worth checking out. There are episodes covering everything from suspension setup to handlebar ergos to helmet technology to rehabbing from injuries, with input from past and present racers, team mechanics, and other knowledgeable insiders. If you’re a fan of SX, then this is all good stuff to watch. And who knows, maybe the series will come back for some Canadian dates again, someday? We’d love to see a Supercross event return to Toronto mid-winter.

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