Now, Filson is selling motorcycle gear

American clothing manufacturer Filson is best-known for its real-world workwear and outdoors gear (some of its line is made in the US, some of it is imported and rebadged). But now, Filson’s getting into a new scene: Motorcycle gear. 

Filson just launched a new line of riding gear, based along the same design principles as its other gear: There’s a weather-resistant canvas coat and vest, double-layer pants, and some uber-expensive shop rags. Filson also made a deal with Bell, releasing a Filson-branded MX-9 helmet.

Note that while this gear is made from rugged material, and some of it is even lined with Cordura, nothing here has any pads for impact protection. If you want that, you’ll have to buy your own under-clothes pads system, from a company like Bohn or Adventure Spec.

Probably the most useful-looking thing in this collection is the backpack and tool roll; both are made from Filson’s rugged, weatherproof Tin Cloth, and should last a lifetime, offering usage outside the motorcycle world. See the whole lineup here at Filson’s website. You can also see it in the short film below, a collaboration between Filson and moto-publisher Meta.

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