Android Auto comes to the Honda Africa Twin

If you have a Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L (either the standard version, or the Adventure Sports model), then you now have the option of installing the Android Auto infotainment system. At least, you do in some markets.

Honda says Android Auto is a simpler, safer way for riders to use their phones on the motorcycle, especially when paired with a Bluetooth-enabled helmet communicator. Android Auto displays a simplified interface on the bike’s TFT screen, allowing riders to access music and messaging apps, or use navigation systems.

You can debate as to whether or not this is a good idea on a motorcycle, but given the increasing interconnectivity of mobile devices with vehicles, it was only a matter of time before motorcycles started using this technology. Several touring bikes, including Harley-Davidson models and the Honda Gold Wing, have had Android Auto or Apple CarPlay (its iOS equivalent) for some time now, adapting the tech from the car world. Now, Honda’s announced it’s coming to the most recent Africa Twin.

To get Android Auto, Honda says you should visit your local dealer, who can install it on the bike—or at least, that’s the story in some markets. We haven’t seen any note about whether or not it’s going to be available in Canada, but we haven’t heard why it shouldn’t be. So, if this sounds like an upgrade you want, call up the dealer and tell them to let you know when it’s available.

Update: A Honda Canada press release says, “Africa Twin owners who would like to add Android Auto integration should visit Honda Canada’s website – – where detailed instructions are provided for downloading the software to a USB drive and uploading it to their motorcycle. A passenger volume-control function will also be included in the software update.”


  1. The attention merchants need to track the “adventure” crowd. Ha! Infotainment yeesh. Harleys & Hondas….. the electronic umbilical cord or leash? Why ride just stay in the crib.

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