The Indian Chief line gets an overhaul

2022 Indian Super Chief Limited. Photo: Indian

Indian is revamping the Chief lineup for 2022, to celebrate the bike’s 100th anniversary. Now we have the Indian Chief, the Chief Bobber, and the Super Chief, powered by Indian’s Thunderstroke 111 engine. We also get up-specced versions of those machines: The Chief Dark Horse, Chief Bobber Dark Horse, and Super Chief Limited, all with the Thunderstroke 116 engine.

With steel tube frames, air-cooled V-twins, low seat height and general vintage styling, these cruisers all land squarely in the retro category. And like all vintage cruisers, they’re heavy. Indian’s press release lists the Chief at 303 kg (670 lb) and doesn’t bother giving us the weight of the others. Hrm.

The three higher-specced models get this cool four-inch touchscreen gauge. Photo: Indian

The Chief Dark Horse, Chief Bobber Dark Horse and Super Chief Limited get new 4-inch touchscreen that emulates the dial gauges on old-school cruisers, while offering modern functionality. The touchscreen has two different gauge configuration available, and offers information on the bike’s status, turn-by-turn navigation (including traffic and weather overlays), and can connect to mobile devices and helmet communicators via Polaris’s Ride Command system, opening up infotainment options.

ABS comes standard on those up-specced models as well. The standard models have old-school analogue gauges, and ABS is optional.

The 2022 Indian Chief Bobber, with four-gallon fuel tank. This tank is standard on all the Chief models. Photo: Indian

All the new models have a four-gallon fuel tank, bobbed rear fender, dual preload-adjustable rear shocks, dual exhaust, LED lighting, keyless ignition, and Pirelli Night Dragon tires. Cruise control comes standard, as well as Sport, Standard, and Tour riding modes.

That’s the general update. Breaking things down model-by-model: The Chief is the most basic machine here, with drag bars, 19-inch cast wheels, mid-mount controls, and solo bobber seat. There are three available paint jobs—Black Metallic, White Smoke and Ruby Smoke. As the name suggests, the Chief Dark Horse comes in more muted tones (lack Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke and Stealth Gray). Pricing starts at $16,999 for the Chief, and $19,999 for the Chief Dark Horse.

The standard 2022 Indian Chief, with 111 Thunderstroke motor. Photo: Indian

The Chief Bobber and Chief Bobber Dark Horse add a little more old-school flair, with forward controls, mini-ape handlebars, 16-inch wire wheels, and a retro headlight bucket. The Chief Bobber sees pricing start at $18,999, in Black Metallic or Ruby Metallic paint. The Chief Bobber Dark Horse comes in Black Smoke, Titanium Smoke, or Sagebrush Smoke paint, starting at $22,499.

As for the Super Chief and Super Chief Limited, these are retro baggers. They come with quick-release windscreen, black leather saddlebags, touring seat and pillion pad (the other Chief models are all solo-set arrangements), floorboards, 16-inch wire wheels, chrome exhaust and lots of other vintage trim. Pricing for the Super Chief starts at $21,999 in Canada, and the Super Chief Limited starts at $24,999. The Super Chief is available in Black Metallic or Pearl White; the Limited is available in Black Metallic, Blue Slate Metallic, or Maroon Metallic.

2022 Indian Super Chief. Basically, a retro bagger.

Find more details on the new machines at Indian’s website, or in the press release below.

Press release


Combining Lean & Mean Minimalism with Modern Technology, Three New Chief Models Pay Homage to the Past, While Embracing the Future

MINNEAPOLIS (February 9, 2021) – In 1921 Indian Motorcycle unveiled the iconic Indian Chief, one of the most historic and influential motorcycles of all time. Now, in celebration of 100 years, America’s First Motorcycle Company is unleashing three new, totally reimagined Indian Chief models for its 2022 lineup. Combining iconic, American V-twin style with modern performance and technology, Indian Motorcycle designed the new Chief with a simplistic and mechanical aesthetic that pays homage to the glory days of American motorcycling.

All based on a timeless, simplistic steel-tube frame and powered by Indian Motorcycle’s powerful Thunderstroke motor, the new Indian Chief, Indian Chief Bobber and Indian Super Chief offer three unique takes on the classic American V-twin, each appealing to a slightly different rider.

The new Chief provides a stripped-down riding experience where power, minimalism and attitude lead the way. It reaches back to the glory days of American V-twins when hitting the road to nowhere, with good friends and only the essentials, was the stuff of legends. Then there’s the new Chief Bobber. With bulky tires wrapped around spoke wheels, a muscled-up front end and a solo bobber seat, the Chief Bobber pays stylistic homage to the classic post-war era V-twins, bobbed and chopped by military veterans and blue-collar rebels, intent on breaking the mold. And finally, Indian Motorcycle offers the Super Chief, with saddlebags and a windshield, it offers a bit more versatility and begs riders for longer miles and even bolder escapes.

“The Indian Chief is a truly iconic motorcycle and what better way to celebrate its 100th birthday than unleashing an entirely new Indian Chief lineup,” said Mike Dougherty, President of Motorcycles. “These bikes capture the mechanical simplicity and attitude of classic American V-twins, yet bring it all forward with modern sophistication and features. We could not be more thrilled to bring this new platform into our lineup.”

The new Indian Chief lineup marks the intersection of simplicity and power. Mechanical and simple, Chief models are based on a classic steel welded tube frame. The lineup features a four-gallon fuel tank, bobbed rear fender, dual outboard preload-adjustable rear shocks, dual exhaust, LED lighting, keyless ignition, and Pirelli Night Dragon tires. Along with cruise control, Chief riders can adjust throttle response by selecting one of three ride modes: sport, standard or tour.

Featuring a short wheelbase of 64-inches, a low seat height of 26-inches and a wet weight as low as 670 pounds, the Indian Chief lineup inspires confidence and is approachable for any rider. The Chief’s conventional 46mm front forks with 5.2-inches of travel, 28.5-degree lean angle, and comfortable ergonomics, create a capable machine for even the most technical of ride routes.

“We wanted to capture a timeless look that never goes out of style, and looks beautiful whether naked or fully dressed,” said Ola Stenegard, Director, Industrial Design for Indian Motorcycle. “We also wanted to keep it simple enough to allow riders’ imaginations to take flight with personalization options and possibilities. Ultimately, this is a bike that evokes emotion with simple mechanical styling and raw American muscle. It’s a pure riding machine.”

Offering base and premium models, the Indian Chief trim levels are detailed as follows:

Chief, Chief Bobber, Super Chief
Powered by Indian Motorcycle’s Thunderstroke 111 powertrain with 108 ft-lbs of torque. Each model features an analog gauge, chrome and matte black finishes, and is available with or without ABS.

Chief Dark Horse, Chief Bobber Dark Horse, Super Chief Limited
Powering all premium Chief models is Indian Motorcycle’s Thunderstroke 116 engine with 120 ft-lbs of torque. ABS is standard, while premium finishes set these bikes apart and further showcase the craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each Chief and Chief Bobber Dark Horse model packs further attitude with premium gloss black finishes, while the Super Chief Limited touts premium chrome finishes.

Additionally, each model delivers a premium experience with Indian Motorcycle’s industry-first ‘4 Inch Round Display with RIDE COMMAND.’ Riders can operate the RIDE COMMAND system through grip controls or via the digital IPS touchscreen display. Riders can cycle through multiple interfaces, including two different gauge configurations, bike and ride information, and turn-by-turn navigation with connected services featuring weather and traffic overlays. If using a wireless helmet communicator, riders can control their music within the RIDE COMMAND system once their phone is paired via Bluetooth or USB. Riders can also access phone information, including recent calls, contacts, number pad and text message history. When connected, incoming calls will appear and can be accepted or declined directly through the RIDE COMMAND system.

With three styles, riders can select the Chief model and trim to their preference, including:

Chief & Chief Dark Horse
The Indian Chief and Chief Dark Horse feature stripped-down, mechanical styling highlighted by drag handlebars, 19-inch cast wheels, mid-mount foot controls, a slim headlight bucket and a solo bobber seat. The Indian Chief starts at $14,499 and is available in Black Metallic, White Smoke and Ruby Smoke, while the Chief Dark Horse starts at $16,999 and is offered in Black Smoke, Alumina Jade Smoke and Stealth Gray.

Chief Bobber & Chief Bobber Dark Horse
Mini-ape hanger handlebars paired with forward foot controls provide a more upright and commanding riding position. The Chief Bobber and Chief Bobber Dark Horse sit on 16-inch wire wheels, add fork and shock covers, and features a large headlight bucket wrapped in a nacelle. The Indian Chief Bobber, starting at $15,999, is available in two paint options, Black Metallic and Ruby Metallic. The Chief Bobber Dark Horse starts at $ $18,999 and is available in Black Smoke, Titanium Smoke, and Sagebrush Smoke.

Super Chief & Super Chief Limited
Designed for comfort, the Super Chief and Super Chief Limited stand apart with a quick release windscreen, black leather saddlebags, touring seat with passenger pad, floorboards and traditional cruiser handlebars. The Indian Super Chief and Super Chief Limited feature 16-inch wire wheels, large headlight bucket with nacelle, fork covers, and a full chrome exhaust that delivers a premium fit and finish. Starting at $18,499, the Super Chief is available in Black Metallic and Pearl White, while the Super Chief Limited begins at $20,999 and is available in Black Metallic, Blue Slate Metallic, and Maroon Metallic.

Chief riders will have access to over 80 accessories, including parts specifically designed for Chief models, as well as several existing pieces available for Scout and Thunderstroke models. Indian Motorcycle’s accessory line has been designed to enhance performance, personalize style and add rider comfort. Among the accessories available, include:

Indian Motorcycle’s performance offerings are built to improve throttle response and increase horsepower and torque for quicker, snap-on acceleration. Riders can purchase a front-facing air intake, Stage 1 slip-on muffler, as well as slash cut and fish tail exhaust tips. Chief riders packing a Thunderstroke 111 can add Indian Motorcycle’s Stage 3 116 Big Bore kit to their Stage 1 exhaust and performance air intake to gain approximately 20% more horsepower and improve throttle response.

Riders can complete their desired custom look by personalizing with a variety of parts, including solo racks and rack bag, low and mid windshields, and a high flow air intake. Riders also have five handlebar options, including eight-inch mini-ape hangers, five-inch mid-rise, reduced reach, cruiser and drag handlebars.

To continue offering accessories for all personal and riding styles, Indian Motorcycle’s comfort package includes mid and tall windshields, passenger backrests, highway bars, and Pathfinder S LED driving lights.

In addition to parts, Indian Motorcycle is debuting a new Chief apparel collection, with three unique lines to choose from. From the lean, mean attitude of the Chief, the old-school muscle of Chief Bobber or the road-warrior glory of Super Chief, three unique lines of shirts and hats coincide with each model.

The 2022 Chief lineup will begin shipping to Indian Motorcycle dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada in April 2021.


  1. Well Indian , if we’re going to keep with the retro style bikes how about bringing back the Indian in-line 4?
    That would definitely peak my interest ( and a few other folks too I’d wager) and have the added benefit of giving your employees a break from assembling V twins all the time !

  2. The base Chief really appeals to me, mid controls suit me better. Lone to look and the prices are not other world, although certainly on the outer edge of my financial means. Great addition to the line up and a excellent bridge from Scout to Chieftain/ Roadmaster series.
    Awesome job Indian.

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