Concept drawing: Triumph Daytona 1200

Photo: Kardesign

Is it time for Triumph to build a new big-bore sportbike? Graphic designer Kardesign thinks so, and that’s where this concept rendering of a Triumph Daytona 1200 comes from.

Kardesign is actually the work of Kar Lee, former art editor at mags like RiDE, Bike, Performance Bikes, and Practical Sportsbikes. Now, he’s a freelancer, and in his spare time, he draws concept machines for his Kardesign Kreative website. That’s where we get this drawing from, showing a full-sized sportbike built around Triumph’s new 1200 engine.

With Triumph’s latest-generation Speed Triple 1200 RS out on the market now, it’s no surprise that people are thinking of other applications for the three-cylinder engine. Making a claimed 177.5 hp at 10,750 rpm and 92 lb-ft of torque at 9,000 rpm, the 1160cc triple would lag behind the latest superbikes. But does that really matter? As the Ducati SuperSport and Honda CBR650 prove, there’s room for sportbikes that offer a more practical street-friendly experience.

The question is probably not whether Triumph would consider a 1200 sportbike. Instead, the question is likely whether or not Triumph could sell it at a sensible price, as the Speed Triple already costs $19,900, and a superbike version would likely cost more. That would put it in the same price range as faster litrebikes, and that would be a hard sell for many customers, no matter how practical it was on the street.


  1. Strapping a supercharger on it……? why bother. Better to saw off about forty-five kilos. Will there be a chrome skull package?

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