New Sena 3S Plus series: Affordable helmet comm systems

Sena has a pair of new budget-priced helmet communicator sets on the market. The new Sena 3S Plus Boom and 3S Plus Universal come in with modest specs, but also a modest price.

Both these headsets are derived from Sena’s older 3S series. The Boom model has, as the name implies, a boom mic, with buttons on the mic allowing the rider to control the comm set. This is designed to work with open-face helmets.

The Universal model has its buttons on the communication module itself, and users can opt for either a boom mic or a wired remote mic. This is the version you want to use with a full-face helmet.

The spec sheet says these comms only have a 400-metre range, which isn’t a lot, but should be sufficient for most riders. They offer two-way communication, and there’s no indication they can or can’t pair up with other Sena comms. Of course, they also offer Bluetooth integration to mobile devices, so riders can stream music (with stereo sound) or listen to turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Sena will sell the new headsets through dealers, Amazon and its own website. Currently, it’s priced the headsets at $99 US on its website, making them one of the lower-priced options from a reputable manufacturer. More deets in the press release below:

Press release


The 3S PLUS Boom and 3S PLUS Universal headsets for motorcycle and scooter helmets are now available! Sena’s original 3S headset sees an update with 2 new variations that have a refined featureset and enhanced intercom range. The 3S PLUS Boom features a sleek design with buttons on the microphone for total integration for jet and open-face helmets. The 3S PLUS Universal is designed with an external control that attaches to the helmet’s shell, which can be installed on both full and open face-helmets.

Built for jet and open-face helmets, the 2-button control for the 3S Plus Boom is seamlessly incorporated into the boom mic, eliminating the need to affix any external elements to your helmet. And with it’s unified speaker construction the 3S Plus makes installation into any Jet or Open-Face helmet incredibly sleek and easy.

With an external 2-button control, the 3S PLUS Universal was designed to fit into a wide variety of helmets. The Sleek controls can be installed on full or open-face helmets, the two-button control module attaches to the helmet’s shell for easy access and a minimalist look. In order to assure the best fit the 3S PLUS Universal comes with two wired microphone extensions, a standard and boom microphone.


Both 3S PLUS variations feature a 2-button control for easy operation of the many functions of the headset. The 3S PLUS Boom and the 3S PLUS Universal allow for 2-way HD intercom at a range of 400 meters / 0.25 miles. Sena’s HD Intercom allows for clear, high-definition audio for rider to rider intercom. In addition to the superior audio clarity of the HD Intercom, both headsets feature Advanced Noise Control, which filters out wind and background noise. The 3S PLUS headsets also support smartphone connectivity, which allows users to pair a phone in order to listen to GPS directions, take phone calls, or stream music directly to their 3S PLUS device.

Click below to learn more about the 3S PLUS Boom and the 3S PLUS Universal, which are now available on,, and soon through Amazon as well as our global network of dealers.

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