The Spirit of Passion: BMW R18 meets Art Deco customization


Photos: BMW

BMW continues to promote its new R18 cruiser with specially-commissioned one-off customs. This time, the R18 gets the art deco treatment, with a look that recalls one of the most famous custom motorcycles of the early 20th century.

Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Customs built this R18 custom, called the Spirit of Passion. The hard bits are basically the same as a bone-stock R18; same frame, engine, suspension. The exhaust has a bit of re-working, but mechanically, this machine is practically bone stock. That’s important, as emissions and safety regulations are making it harder to customize motorcycles without running afoul of the law, especially in the EU.

However, visually, the bike is obviously much-changed, with a look straight from the art deco period. In fact, it seems to be an homage to one of the most famous customs of the pre-World War II period, the 1930 Henderson KJ custom that O. Ray Courtney built.

The Spirit of Passion has fiberglass bodywork, put together by hand, instead of some machin/CAD-drawn fairing. BMW has more in-depth description of the bike and its unique details, along with quotes from the designer, at this mini-site, if you want more info. Otherwise, check out the gallery below for a closer look.


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