Look, it’s the Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS!

Looks like Triumph is about to release the latest version of its flagship naked bike, with a video teaser for the new Speed Triple 1200 RS—see it below. 

The full reveal comes on January 26.

Obviously, the engine is bulking up for 2021; the current Speed Triple is a 1050cc triple, not a 1200.

That’s probably a by-product of Euro5 certification. If Triumph had to re-jig the liquid-cooled three-cylinder anyway, might as well big-bore it at the same time. The 1050 makes just over 145 horsepower, supposedly, and KTM/Ducati/BMW all get more than that from their top-tier naked bikes. Triumph likely wants to get closer to 160 horsepower.

Triumph will stuff lots of other electro-goodies into the bike (leaning-sensitive, switchable traction control, cornering ABS, wheelie control, launch control, probably adjustable engine braking). Add in some decent Brembo brakes and Ohlins fork and shock, and you’re in business. Expect an even more-refined version of the 1200 to come along at a future date, with even higher-spec components. However, at $18,300 currently for the 2020 model, there might not be too much room to jack the price up even further on an up-spec’d 2021 machine.


  1. The bug eyes are long gone. Kinda’ looking generic sportbike with those headlights. Oh well time marches on. It’s roots of being a gritty constructed naked-after-crash street fighter homage are past glories. I guess we’ll see what the corporate bean counters think.

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