Honda updates Gold Wing models for 2021

Honda’s updated the Gold Wing tourer for 2021, with mostly minor stuff, although the Gold Wing Tour model gets some extra attention.

For 2021, all Gold Wing models have their 25-watt speakers upgraded to 45-watt output. Sound output is also supposed to be more clear, and Honda’s included a new volume-leveling system, an XM Radio antenna, and Android Auto integration (Apple CarPlay was already standard).

The infotainment system also gets new map colour options and notifications on local speed limits. There’s a new USB charger in the saddlebags as well.

On the mechanical side of things, Honda updated the suspension settings, although there’s not a lot of detail on those changes. It’s still a Pro Link shock in rear, and Hossack-style front end. There’s some changes to the seating, for more passenger comfort.

On the Gold Wing Tour, Honda added 11 litres of capacity to the top case. There’s been grumbling about reduced luggage capacity ever since the latest-gen Wing debuted in 2018, and this should help improve that. Honda says the new top case can hold two full-face XXL helmets with headsets; that’s good news, as top case capacity was the one of the Tour’s most-panned features. Now, it’s up to 61 litres, from 50 litres.

You can see an American-market preview of the bike above. Canadian pricing starts at $27,899 for the basic Gold Wing, with MSRP going up when you choose DCT or other options. The Gold Wing DCT is $29,099; the Gold Wing Tour is $32,199; the Gold Wing Tour DCT is $33,399; the Gold Wing Tour DCT Airbag is $35,999. See the whole lineup at Honda’s Canadian website


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