Update from Williams Custom Bikes: New choppers en route, Johnny Pag parts back in stock

Johnny Pag has been selling small-displacement vertical-twin choppers for years now, but with the 1640 cc engine, some competitors may be forced to take them more seriously.

We’ve just got a note from Sven Bernard and the people at Williams Custom Bikes out in Alberta. They’ve been quiet lately, but it turns out they’re still working on both their business lines—they’re developing new big-dollar choppers, and also working on restoring the parts supply for Johnny Pag.

Johnny Pag was one of the most well-known Chinese bike brands sold in Canada a few years back, with dealers across the country. Although there were different Johnny Pag machines, most were small-cc choppers, with parallel twin motors.

Unfortunately, the brand ran into problems, and eventually the parts supply dried up. Now, Bernard says Williams Custom Bikes has got the pipeline flowing again.

“We have now finally been able to make a deal with the suppliers and have refilled our warehouse with almost all possible parts for the old JPM 270 and 320,” he tells us. “In the meantime, we started the process of EPA and DOT homologation for the US and Canada on our version of the Spyder. But she will have a 400ccm Lifeng Engine and are also working on a 650ccm version of the old Prostreet with a CF Engine.”

So, now you can buy parts for your old Johnny Pag, and new models are supposed to be en route.

Bernard says Williams Custom Bikes will continue to work on its 100-127ci custom V-twin models, they’re also working on a new custom called the Widowmaker with a 170 horsepower V-twin. This spring, Williams also released its first bike built 100 percent in-house, the SuperChopper Irv Special 100. It’s a softail chopper, powered by a 100ci Ultima V-twin engine, with a six-speed gearbox, made for riding and not for garage ogling.

Head on over to the Williams website for more details; the company has a Facebook page too, and there are some more photos of the company’s machinery there.


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