Triumph launches Riding Essentials gear line for all-weather safety, comfort

Triumph is getting serious about its motorcycle apparel lineup. The British moto manufacturer recently released its new Riding Essentials gear line, with several layering options intended to keep riders warm, dry and safe.

The Riding Essentials line has both inner and outer layers, but at this point, none of it is intended to provide protection from road rash. It’s only intended to provide protection from the elements, and enhance visibility.

The Base Layer sub-line is exactly what it sounds like: An inner layer designed to keep you warm. There’s a long-sleeve top and leggings; basically, it’s glorified long johns. The presser says ” Ergonomically engineered to offer maximum comfort whilst helping to maintain your core temperature. The superior construction allows perspiration to evaporate away from the body.” However, it doesn’t actually say what material is used.

Triumph also has a mid-layer shirt, intended to be layered under an outer riding jacket. It’s supposed to provide waterproof protection “in the most extreme of conditions.” With neoprene collar and cuffs and taped seams, it does look like Triumph’s put some thought into this. The Extreme Mid-Layer shirt is also intended to be easily packable, so you can stow it away once the storm’s ended. 

There’s also a set of inner thermal gloves and a balaclava, for when the temperature drops.

Then there’s the outerwear. Triumph has a full rainsuit, as well as separate rain pants and jacket. There’s also a set of over-gloves and boot covers. The marketing copy doesn’t indicate anything particularly groundbreaking with any of this gear, but it is all packable, definitely a handy feature if you want waterproofs that are always there when needed.

Along with the rainsuit, Triumph is also selling high-viz gear that’s intended to aid visibility, but with no advertised waterproof capability. The Reflective Vest and Reflective Jacket both have reflective fabric made from micro glass beads, which is supposed to intensify light directly back to its source, rather than dispersing in all directions. In other words, this jacket is supposed to shine brightly in headlights, and therefore have increased visibility in the dark.

For daytime visibility, there’s the Bright Brace, Bright Vest and Bright Jacket. These are standard hi-viz over-wear, designed to increase visibility and like the Reflective line, intended to pack away easily.

There’s more deets at Triumph’s website, if you need them. Pricing isn’t cheap, but the company says “This new product line up is designed with the riders needs in mind and is developed with at the same level of dedication and excellence as you would expect to see from Triumph motorcycles.


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