Ducati Creates a (new) Monster

The new 2021 Ducati Monster. Photo: Ducati

There’s a new Monster in town.

Ducati’s naked bike gets a massive overhaul for 2021, with both the previous 797 and 821 models canned, replaced with a new machine based around the 937cc Testastretta L-twin engine (as also used in Ducati’s SuperSport, Multistrada and HyperMotard 950 models). The new bike is simply called the Ducati Monster.

Ducati’s put its 950 engine into the Monster, with a Panigale-style frame.

The new engine is Euro5-friendly, which is very important, as Ducati needs to keep up with the updated emissions standard. It also has more horsepower (110 hp) and torque (69 ft-lb) than either the 821 or 797 models. It’s much less maintenance-needy than previous Ducs. Oil changes are only every 15,000 km, valve adjustments every 30,000 km. It’s got a six-speed gearbox, with an up/down quickshifter (thanks to a new ride-by-wire throttle).

Ducati also included an up-to-date electronic safety package: Leaning ABS, wheelie and launch control, traction control, and so on. There’s an IMU onboard, keeping these electrical systems under control.

It looks like a Monster, although there are obvious differences from the old 797 and 821 models (like the frame).

Along with the new engine, Ducati also revitalized the Monster with a new Panigale-style frame. The headstock is attached to the engine (which provides most of the chassis rigidity), and there’s a plastic composite subframe. This is a huge departure from the traditional steel trellis frames that Ducati always used for the Monster line, but it makes for massive weight savings. It seems to work well for Ducati’s superbikes, and it shall be interesting to see if this move is a big change for the naked bike scene.

Ducati used a set of 43 mm USD forks and a monoshock—nothing too fancy in the suspension department. Braking comes via four-piston Brembo calipers and 32 0mm discs. If Ducat announces an “S” version of the bike, expect higher-spec version of these components. For now, there’s a “+” version of the Monster, but the only difference is some trim and bodywork.

Once again, Ducati avoids the Transformer aesthetic, mostly.

The new bike gets a 4.3-inch TFT screen, allowing riders to connect their phones via Bluetooth, for answering calls and changing music.

Curb weight for the new bike is 188 kg, with 820 mm seat height (drop that to 800 mm with an accessory seat, 775 mm if you also lower the suspension).

Canadians MSRP starts at $13,495 (plus taxes and fees) for the Monster in 2021. The Monster + is $13,895. More details, specs and photos at Ducati’s website.

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