Video: Kawasaki teases hybrid drivetrain

Kawasaki continues to tease its ongoing research into alternative powertrains, dropping a video showing the thinking behind its new hybrid motorcycle.

We’ve seen patents for hybrid designs from the Japanese OEMs before, although nothing resembling a production-ready motorcycle. Kawasaki shows us what seems to be a working prototype in this video, ending it with the words “to be continued.” Looks like Team Green is serious about this idea, then, not just filing throwaway patents!

Kawi also explains the reasoning behind the hybrid powertrain. In theory, you get a fuel-efficient, city-friendly electric motor, able to meet more-restrictive rules in urban areas. On the open road, where you want more power, you have the gasoline engine. In the twisties, you have both power sources combining for ultimate responsiveness.

It all sounds a bit complicated, but it could make for amazing performance, if Kawi puts it together in a sensible package. Time will tell!

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