Norton is now taking “registrations of interest” for 650 Atlas, for 2021 launch

Remember back in 2018, when Norton unveiled the first Atlas scrambler prototype? The company is now “registering interest” for a 2021 release now, although there’s certainly no talk of Canadian availability.

The Atlas platform is based around a 650cc liquid-cooled parallel twin, the most popular engine design for manufacturers looking to make a sensibly-priced middleweight these days. When originally unveiled, the Atlas came in two sub-models, the Nomad and the Ranger, both supposedly intended for a mass-market customer base. With price tags of £9,995 and £11,995 in the UK, respectively, it’s hard to really see these bikes in the same category as the Yamaha MT-07, but it’s definitely a step down from the price tags on Norton’s more pricey models. Of course, that MSRP could be different by the time the bikes make it to market.

You can see more details on the original Atlas models in our first write-up, but basically, they’re scrambleresque machines that are definitely tilted towards onroad use. Both bikes make around 84 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque, with a 270-degree crank. Max horsepower comes at 11,000 rpm, so these machines are higher-revving than the Brit desert sleds of old.

Since announcing those models in 2018, Norton’s gone through major changes. After Norton went bust last winter, Indian manufacturing giant TVS bought the brand and seems to be righting the ship, with new leadership and tight production timelines. The V4 RR superbike is supposed to be unveiled later this month, and now the Atlas is also supposedly ready for 2021 release.

At this point, all we know for sure is that Norton is getting customers to “register their interest,” signing them up for further communications regarding the new bike. MSRP, and final availability, are still not set, nor are the final specs for the coming bike or bikes.



  1. Another Norton comeback story?
    It’s starting to remind me of the old Peanuts cartoon of Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown. We all know how it will end but there’s that slight chance that maybe this time, just maybe, if I send my down payment it will be different.
    Sorry Norton ,I’ve lost interest .

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