New Norton V4RR superbike coming later this year?

After last winter’s much-publicized collapse, Norton is back, it looks like.

Norton fell apart in early 2020 after going into administration. Years of muttering about shady leadership came to a head, and CEO Stuart Garner was pushed out. That left plenty of riders what would happen to the brand.

Turns out, it’s following the way of many other Euro brands—bought out by India. Indian manufacturer TVS purchased Norton in the midst of all the COVID-19 chaos, and seems intent on turning the brand around.

Towards that end, Norton’s new big boss, John Russell, says the company’s first product under new management is the V4RR superbike, and that it will be available “at the end of this year.”

If he’s talking 2020, then that is a very aggressive timeline, as December’s almost here. Maybe he’s not talking a finished product? Or maybe India’s engineers have quickly sorted out Norton’s mess, and managed to put together a viable product. Stay tuned on this one, maybe the drama isn’t over yet!

If the V4RR debuts as expected, it will have an aluminum twin-tube frame, single-sided swingarm, and carbon-fibre bodywork and wheels. The bike’s expected to have a 1200cc four-cylinder engine with 200 horsepower and quickshifter, with titanium exhaust. It’s sporty-looking, but aimed at sensible riding.

Norton’s expected to include a full electronics package (ABS, traction control, riding modes). Brembo disc brakes are standard, with Ohlins fork and shock.

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