Patents tip 790-style changes to KTM 1290 Super Adventure

See how the fuel tank is low, wrapping around the base of the engine?

KTM’s big releases the past few years are all based around the 790 platform, which has morphed into the 890 series. Now, it looks like some of the highlights of the 790 series will make it to KTM’s 1290 series.

The 790’s low-slung fuel tank was a very distinctive design cue, with the gas mostly sitting around the engine, instead of on top. It allows for excellent mass centralization, and it’s something no other manufacturer is doing right now.

Now, it looks like KTM plans to introduce that same design to its 1290 Adventure series. A British mag, Visordown, is running a series of patent drawings showing an updated 1290 adventure bike with the wraparound, low-slung fuel tank design. The fairing is also updated, to match the fuel tank.

Is this for real? Probably, but remember that even if KTM is thinking about doing this, there’s no guarantee of production soon, or ever.

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