Here’s the Honda CMX1100 Rebel!

As expected, Honda’s finally come out with a cruiser based around the same engine as the Africa Twin adventure bike. The new CMX1100 Rebel just debuted, intended as a 2021 model.

The liquid-cooled 1084cc parallel twin engine is the heart of the new “Super Rebel.” It’s proved itself for the past year in the latest-generation Africa Twin, and of course it’s closely related to the previous 1000cc p-twin Honda used for that bike. It makes 87 horsepower at the crank, at 7,000 rpm, and 72 pound-feet of torque at 4,750 rpm. Honda also says it tuned the exhaust for a hairy-chested sound, which is the real performance figure that many cruiser riders are looking for.

Honda also did some internal work, adding flywheel mass so the bike is more cruiser-like to ride. It has the same 270-degree crank as the Africa Twin, though. Of course, it comes with a six-speed gearbox as standard, but there’s an optional DCT upgrade, if you really, really hate shifting and using a clutch.

The Euro press release says the new CMX1100 Rebel comes with a throttle-by-wire system that governs three default riding modes and a user-customizeable mode (all optimized for street riding, unlike the Africa Twin’s gravel-friendly modes). The new Super Rebel also gets wheelie control, two-channel ABS, and three-level Honda Selectable Torque Control, which is a fancy name for Honda’s proprietary traction control system. There’s no mention of an IMU powering any of the electronics, so don’t expect them to be lean angle-sensitive. There’s also no TFT screen (LCD dash only), so don’t expect overly fancy smartphone integration. Honda did build in a USB charger, though, and the bike has all-LED lighting.

The new cruiser has a sensible diamond-type steel frame, with 18-inch front wheel and 16-inch rear. There’s a single 330mm disc brake up front, with radially-mounted four-piston caliper. In back, there’s a single 256mm disc.

Honda says the  CMX1100 Rebel is coming to Canada, but hasn’t given us a price or arrival date. It is, however, confirmed as a 2021 US model, with $9,299 MSRP in the States.


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  1. Interesting bike, nice to see no tank seams. Just like the new Gold Wing, Honda decides to use tire sizes that don’t exist anywhere else. 130/70-18 and 180/65- 16?

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