Yamaha Tracer 9 GT updated for 2021, as expected

That windscreen is fully adjustable.

Earlier this fall, when the Yamaha MT-09 was updated, we figured it was only a matter of time until the Tracer sport-tourer got the same treatment. We were right; the new Tracer 9 GT sport tourer debuted today, with similar upgrades for 2021.

For starters, the Tracer 9 GT gets the same updated three-cylinder engine, with 889cc displacement. It has almost 118 horsepower at the crank, up about 4 horsepower from the previous bike, and torque is up a bit too. It’s got a slip/assist clutch, four different riding modes (for everything from sport riding to wet weather), and an up/down quickshifter is standard. The new throttle-by-wire system is key to many of these upgrades.

There’s also a new aluminum frame for the Tracer 9 GT, just like the MT-09, full LED lighting and twin 3.5-inch TFT screens.

New six-axis IMU means a proper electronics package and improved electronic suspension.

Like the standard MT-09, the Tracer 9 GT also gets a six-axis IMU. This sensor array powers a three-mode traction control system, along with slide control, wheelie control, leaning ABS, and so on. On the Tracer 9 GT, the IMU also manages the bike’s new semi-active electronic suspension. The rider controls the GT’s KYB suspension modes through the bike’s TFT interface, but the actual real-time management is enabled by the IMU and ECU.

As you’d expect, the touring-oriented Tracer 9 GT also gets a set of hard side cases, both big enough to accommodate a motorcycle helmet, Yamaha says. If you want a top case, that’s available as an option.

Yamaha included a set of cornering lights with the Tracer 9 GT, a welcome addition to a touring bike. These lights shine into a corner once the bike’s heeled over, improving visibility. The press release says “Brightness is automatically increased as the banking angle gets steeper, giving a clear field of vision that allows for sporty riding long into the night. The system operates when the bike is leaned at more than 7 degrees at 5 km/h and above.

That windscreen is fully adjustable.

Heated grips and cruise control are standard, too. Yamaha also built a lot of ergonomic adjustability into the bike. As per the press release: “The newly developed rider’s seat is mounted 15 mm lower than the previous model, and features a simple tool-free, two- position height adjuster. Further changes to the ergonomics can be made by adjusting the footrests by 15 mm  up or down, and the handlebar position can also be moved forwards by 9 mm and upwards by 4 mm by  reversing the direction of the handlebar clamps, giving a total of eight different riding positions.

MSRP for the new Yamaha Tracer 9 GT is $16,999, with expected Canadian availability in May of 2021.

Yamaha ends the presser by saying the Star Venture TC, FJR1300 ES, Super Ténéré
ES, XSR900, XSR700, Bolt R-Spec and V-Star 250 are all returning for 2021, while the R6, VMax, WR250R and SMax are canceled for next year.


  1. It’s not particularly pretty, but at least it’s not “fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down” ugly, like most naked bikes are today.

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