Triumph Tiger 850 Sport Arrives

Triumph continues its exploratory jaunt down through the mid-market, with the release of the new Tiger 850 Sport.

Usually, when you hear “Triumph Tiger,” you think “premium adventure bike.” The new 850 is a bit of a twist on that formula, though. It’s actually based on the current 900 platform, but de-tuned. Out of the box, it’s not compatible with A2 licences in the UK, but a dealer can make it so.

The new bike’s 888cc liquid-cooled triple makes 84 hp at the crank, at 8,500 rpm. Max torque is 60 lb-ft at 6,500 rpm. In stock form, the Tiger 850 Sport comes with Road and Rain riding modes, and a slip/assist clutch.

The Tiger 850’s chassis was designed specifically for this re-tuned engine, with Brembo brakes (including proper Stylema calipers) and Marzocchi forks and shock. The rear shock is preload-adjustable, but it seems the front forks are not adjustable. The steel frame and aluminum swingarm appear to be the same units used on the Tiger 900 models. The handlebars, seat and windshield are all adjustable, with seat height in the 810-830 millimetre range.

Of course, two-channel ABS is standard, as is switchable traction control. The Tiger 850 Sport comes with a 5-inch TFT screen, and LED lighting all-round (where legal). 

The new bike comes with a 19-inch front wheel, and 17-inch rear, both using cast rims. This machine is aimed at road riding, not offroad riding like the Tiger 900 models, and the marketeering doesn’t make any mention of dirt capability.

Fuel tank capacity is 20 L; dry weight is 192 kg. MSRP in Canada is just $13,595.


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