BMW plans to “Awaken the Daredevil”

BMW says it’s going to release a new machine on Thursday, November 19, but it’s not saying much beside that.

According to a couple of teasers on BMW’s Facebook page, the presentation will have the usual assortment of the company’s execs and designers, along with an appearance from “Chris Pfeiffer: Professional Stuntrider.” If you’re in the know, you remember Pfeiffer’s spent years flogging BMW naked bikes through stunt shows, and we’d expect more of the same on Thursday. 

BMW’s already announced its updated R NineT line for the year, and the F900 R debuted last fall, so it’s not due for an overhaul yet. The S1000 R, on the other hand, is ready for some changes, including the possibility of a revised version of the S1000 RR’s Shiftcam engine. We’ll know more on Thursday, either way.


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