Kymco teases an adventure scooter, again

Want an adventure scooter? Honda might have some competition in this market segment soon, with Kymco’s marketeers what appears to be an ADV-oriented step-through, to be released later this week.

There have been rumours of a Kymco adventure scoot for a while, but little in the way of spy shots. Kymco’s always keen to exploit new market trends, though, and Honda has certainly shown the potential for scooters aimed at more utilitarian usage. From the X-ADV maxi-scoot to the ADV 150 to the new CT125, Big Red is basically unchallenged in this market right now. No doubt Kymco would like to change that. 

In Canada, that might not seem like a big deal, as Kymco’s presence here has greatly declined in the past couple of years, but overseas, it’s a different story. 

Anyway, as per the video: We see lots of asphalt riding, some adrenaline junkie stuff, and then a scooter rider hooning down a dirt road. Whatever that really means, we’ll know on Thursday, when Kymco releases the machine. Stay tuned until then!


  1. There is no direct Kymco distribution in Canada, and Kymco USA seems focused on ATVs and side-by-sides. Don’t hold your breath on that changing any time soon.

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