Ducati Launches New XDiavel, Scrambler Models

2021 Ducati XDiavel Black Star

For the next little while, Ducati’s planning to drop new models every week. Last week, it was the Multistrada V4; this week, we get updated versions of the XDiavel and Scrambler. 

The changes, it seems, are mostly cosmetic. The new XDiavel Dark is just a blacked-out version of the standard machine, similar to what Ducati does to most of its other models. Usually, the MSRP is a bit lower, making these bikes attractive to cash-strapped buyers, or custom builders who plan on re-painting the machines anyway.

There’s also the new XDiavel Black Star (pictured above), which also has a blacked-out paint job, but also new Brembo brake calipers, upgraded headlight, diamond-like coating on the fork stanchions, and upgraded seat upholstery. Think of it as a more flashy take on the blacked-out formula.

Both these bikes have their 1262cc engines updated to meet Euro5 emissions now, and Ducati also managed to boost output to 160 crank horsepower at 9,500 rpm, and 94 pound-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm.

However, while the marketing copy seems to indicate the XDiavel Dark is coming to Canada, the Black Star model is Euro-only at this point.

On to the Scrambler line. The new Scrambler Nightshift is another blacked-out model, with a generous slathering of blacks and greys muting the usual colourful Scrambler finish. It’s another machine in Ducati’s tradition of Scramblers that aren’t really scramblers; it’s sort of a retro cafe bike, with bar-end mirrors and other retro touches. We’d expect this in Canada this winter in January, but we haven’t seen pricing yet.

Elsewhere in the Scrambler series, the Desert Sled model gets some aesthetic updates (gold spoked rims, mesh headlight guard, some trim and paint changes), and so does the Scrambler Icon (now available in red). Again, expect these machines to start showing up at dealerships in early winter.

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