The Yamaha MT-09 SP is coming to Canada

It’s been available in other markets for years, but now the Yamaha MT-09 SP is coming to Canada.

We already knew the base model MT-09 would be here in 2021, in its updated form. Now, Yamaha’s confirmed the SP version will be here as well. It’s good news, because there’s been demand for a while.

The SP runs the same engine as the standard MT-09, but it has higher-quality finish and upgraded suspension. Yamaha ships the SP with fully-adjustable Kayaba front forks, including low- and high-speed compression damping adjustment capability. In back, Yamaha uses an Ohlins shock. It’s also fully adjustable, with a remote preload adjuster knob, which is a very practical feature.

The standard MT-09 has a pretty decent electronics package now, also included on the SP model. Yamaha added a cruise control feature, and that seems to be the only electronic upgrade.

Otherwise, the bike has “R1M-influenced multi-toned paint scheme and seamless water-transfer graphics” and swingarm with “specially-buffed clear coat surface.” There’s other small touches throughout the bike, like anodized handlebars.

Yamaha says there’s only one colour scheme coming to Canada (Raven/Liquid Metal). It should be in dealers by February, with an MSRP of $13,999 plus tax and fees.

Yamaha upgraded the suspension, added cruise control and better finishes.

Press release

All-new 2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP Comes to Canada

Toronto, ON (November 10, 2020) – Since 2013, the Dark Side of Japan has been the inspiration behind the development of Yamaha’s “hyper naked” MT series, bringing a whole new level of excitement and dynamism to thrill-seeking motorcyclists in Canada and around the world. With their torque-rich engine performance, agile handling and naked good looks, every MT is designed to deliver a sporty, rewarding ride that reinforces every motorcyclist’s passion for two wheels.

The recently introduced 2021 MT-09 brought forth an all-new engine, chassis, and a revised body design to expose its muscular good looks. But for riders that demand the highest specification, Yamaha introduces the 2021 MT-09 SP, an even sharper, smarter and more exclusive MT that features an aggressive, supersport-influenced finish with premium suspension.

2021 MT-09 SP: Challenge the Darkness
The exclusive, high-spec features of the 2021 MT-09 SP include an R1M-influenced multi-toned paint scheme and seamless water-transfer graphics. These visual touches reinforce the MT-09 SP’s pure sport character and highlight its close technological links with the R1M, the most advanced high-performance production Yamaha ever built.

Featuring 41 mm tubes with a tough DLC (diamond-like carbon) coating that ensures ultra-smooth and responsive suspension action, the premium KYB front fork is fully adjustable, enabling the SP rider to achieve the ultimate setup for any riding situation. The state-of-the-art front fork is also equipped with low- and high-speed compression damping adjusters for a high level of tuning accuracy.

To match the high-grade front suspension, the rear suspension system features a premium-spec Öhlins rear shock absorber. Offering the rider full adjustability for compression and rebound damping, plus a remote preload adjuster for quick setting, this SP-exclusive rear suspension brings supersport handling and precision to the naked sport class.

The swingarm on the SP edition has been finished with a specially-buffed clear coat surface that perfectly complements the MT-09 SP’s yellow spring on the Öhlins rear shock absorber and black drive sprocket. Additional SP-specific features include anodized black handlebars and levers and clear-smoked front and rear brake fluid reservoirs.

In addition to the comprehensive electronic rider aids featured on the standard MT-09—including a six-axis IMU, D-Modes, lean-sensitive rider aids and more—the SP edition is also equipped with a cruise control system that enhances the overall riding experience. It’s features like this that reaffirm the MT-09 SP’s status as the most exclusive motorcycle in the naked sport class.

The 2021 Yamaha MT-09 comes in Raven/Liquid Metal with an MSRP of $13,999. Delivery is expected to Canadian dealers in February 2021.

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