Honda updates NC750X for 2021

The Honda NC750X is back for 2021, with more horsepower and other updates.

Honda had to bring the NC’s parallel twin engine forward into the new Euro5, and while it was doing so, it managed to find a few extra hp in there somehow. Maybe it’s because the redline is now 600 rpm higher, maybe it’s the new exhaust and intake, maybe it’s the updated valve arrangement? Whatever the case, the NC now makes about 59 horsepower at 6,750 rpm, and 51 pound-feet of torque at 4,750 rpm. 

As part of the upgrade, Honda gave the NC750X a ride-by-wire throttle, which allowed the designers to also include an up-to-date selection of three engine modes (including a customizeable User mode) and three-level of traction control (all the way from gravel slides to locking the rear wheel down in the rain). Honda also tweaked the gearset, making for a tighter range between first and third. Perhaps this was aimed at conquering the NC’s habit of banging off the rev limiter in around-town riding? 

Honda also put a slipper clutch on the NC750X for 2021. The frame sees a few changes, cutting weight and possibly adding some strength as well. The NC750X gets dual-bending Showa valves in the front forks, which should improve rideability on rough roads.

On to the other practical bits. Honda beefed up the bodywork, supposedly adding more protection from the elements, and there’s a new windscreen as well. The forward storage compartment is also larger for 2021.

Honda hasn’t sent us any info on Canadian pricing or availability yet, but it’s hard to imagine the machine won’t be here by next spring’s selling season. You never know these days, though, Honda’s supply chain has been weird for a while, even before COVID.


  1. I’m glad to see so many updates to a model that didn’t have much going for it besides excellent fuel economy (thanks to to that slow-revving twin) and on-board storage compartment. Would be a great commuter/errand runner, but thats a tiny slice of a small overall Canadian motorcycle market. Hopefully Honda will have more success with the NC this time around and avoid the previous model’s fate as a heavily discounted non-current on showroom floors.

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