BMW adds R18 Classic retro-bagger to its lineup

Just as expected, BMW’s added a retro bagger to its lineup, built around the R18 cruiser platform.

The new R18 Classic is pretty much the same thing as the standard R18 model—same massive 1800cc air-cooled flat twin engine, same frame, same exposed drive shaft, same softail lines. That engine makes 89 horsepower, and 116 lb-ft of torque, or around that. You can see Dustin’s review of the machine here.

With the Classic, you’re also getting a windshield and a set of soft bags, and cruise control as standard. There’s a set of LED accessory lamps, too, and floorboards, and proper passenger seating. Front and rear wheels are both 16-inchers (the standard R18 has a 19-inch front, 16-inch rear).

All in all, it’s very much aimed at the crowd that likes to ride to Sturgis (or maybe Friday the 13th, if the border doesn’t re-open next summer).

Like the standard R18 model, the R18 Classic has a whole trailer-load of accessories available, should you want to bling it out—billet gas caps, windscreens, luggage, whatever. Your imagination (and your wallet) is the limit. Before you bolt on any extras, the Classic weighs 365 kg at the curb, so it’s already a heavyweight from the factory.

BMW says the Canadian selling price starts at $24,200 before you tack on all the extra fees. For more deets, head over to BMW’s Canadian website.

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