September’s number confirm Canadian moto sales still strong

The Canadian motorcycle industry has dodged a bullet, it seems. With the selling season winding down, the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council’s latest numbers show strong sales all the way through September.

According to the latest stats, the Canadian motorcycle industry saw double-digit sales percentage increases over 2019’s numbers, except for the dirt bike segment. Offroad bikes were down 19 percent when compared to 2019’s numbers, but there’s an easy explanation for that. Some dealers are sold out already, because the summer season was so hot, and frankly, even if bikes are available, there might not be many more sales to be made. The MMIC says offroad motorcycle sales are still up 59 percent when compared to 2019’s numbers, so there’s really very little to complain about.

At this point, the only sales number lagging behind 2019’s figures is the street bike segment, which is down 10.9 percent. Bummer. However, remember this year’s lockdowns affected street bike sales the most; dirt bikes sold well, as families moved their plans towards The Great Outdoors. Street bikes are a little harder sell during social distancing times, although those sales have certainly come a long way since spring. At least street bike sales have been rebounding since July; September did see a year-over-year increase when compared to 2019’s numbers for the same month.

One other interesting thing to note: The MMIC’s update (see the whole thing here) still lists a full winter show schedule, with dates in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Quebec, Toronto and Montreal this winter, running between January and February.


  1. Been a strange year to attempt to buy a motorcycle. Been sitting on a few funds having sold my Versys in 2019. Used bikes especially dual purpose seem to increase in price exponentially the further they get from new. Still usable late 90’s to early 2000’s examples are sometimes priced as high as retail that model year. No idea if anyone is actually getting these prices but the sellers are holding fast. Too many increased income CERB funds to buffer the usual entry end market perhaps. New bikes are also opposite what was expected. The, clear the mid to late season stock fire sales aren’t happening as in past seasons. Might have to sit on funds until next summer when like “pandemic pets” motorcycles again become NOT trendy.

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