BMW has minor changes for R1250 GS, G310 GS for 2021

Although the normal show circuit isn’t running, we’d normally be just around the corner from Intermot right now, which means we’d see new BMWs unveiled. Well, Intermot is cancelled (thanks, COVID!), but we’re still seeing new Beemers unwrapped almost every day now. Last week, it was the new M1000 superbike; now, we have an updated R1250 GS and G310 GS.

The R1250 GS doesn’t look much different for 2021 (except for some new paint schemes, of course, including a very tasty yellow-and-black 40th Anniversary edition). The only new feature that’s immediately visible is the optional cornering headlight, which will “see” into corners, same as what’s found on many modern street touring machines. 

The bike’s standard electronics package gets updated, with cornering-sensitive traction control now included as standard (“Dynamic Traction Control,” as BMW calls it). There’s a new six-axis IMU on the bike, which allowed BMW to include its braking and hill start control systems. The ABS also benefits from a new control module, which BMW says shaves off a pound of weight, too. Not that you’ll notice, on a motorcycle that weighs almost 550 pounds when fully fueled.

BMW also put its Integral Braking Pro system on the 1250 as standard, meaning front and rear brakes are linked via the front brake lever (the rear pedal still only activates the rear brake, which is important when offroading). 

The engine itself is basically unchanged; BMW included a new ECO riding mode, so the bike has three modes as standard now. ECO mode is exactly what it sounds like, a riding mode that uses less fuel. Of course, the new engine is Euro5-compliant. Pricing in Canada is $21,550, plus fees and taxes.

Here’s the 310’s 40th Anniversary colours.

G310 GS

What about the baby GS? There aren’t as many changes here. The engine is Euro5-compliant, with a new slipper clutch, and there’s a new LED headlight and turn indicators. BMW put a new electronic throttle on the 310, too.

The 310 now comes with adjustable brake and clutch levers, and also gets new paint. There’s even a yellow/black 40th anniversary edition of the 310, although it doesn’t quite have the same “bumblebee” look as the R1250 version.

The G310 GS sees pricing start at $6,750 for the 2021 model.


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