Report: Yamaha planning to bump MT-09 engine capacity

The Yamaha MT-09 is getting more engine capacity for 2021, reports Motorrad Online.

As usual, the information comes from an government document leak. German transportation authority documents list the 2021 model as “MTN890D,” while the current model is listed as MTN850. Supposedly, that means the Yamaha will go from 847cc to aroound 890cc. The theory here is that, thanks to Euro5 emissions regs, Yamaha must enlarge the engine’s capacity to maintain its horsepower output, as the re-tuning for tailpipe emissions would otherwise result in less power.

Currently, the DOHC liquid-cooled 847cc inline triple makes about 113 horsepower, and 64.5 pound-feet of torque. Motorrad Online expects a slight horsepower bump thanks to the added engine capacity. Don’t be shocked if we see a slight bump in the MSRP too, although everyone in the industry desperately wants to keep prices as low as possible right now.

If we’re going to see an updated MT-09, expect to see it officially surface sometime this fall. Don’t be surprised to see other Japanese follow a similar path; as emissions regulations start to restrict motorcycle manufacturers more and more, they’re going to have to go with larger engines to keep providing customers with the same capabilities.


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