Here’s a peek at the production Husqvarna Norden 901

The Husqvarna Norden 901 adventure bike concept was the star of the show at EICMA in 2019, and caused all manner of ballyhoo when it was confirmed for production. Now, we’ve got a tiny sneak peek at what that final version of the machine will look like.

As usual, the tip comes from KTM’s investor documents; Husqvarna and KTM are both part of Stefan Pierer’s transportation conglomerate, along with Gas Gas, and as a result, the execs are sharing the company’s plans with investors. The latest publication had a tiny black-and-white image of the production-ready 901 inserted, which you can see on the left-hand above. On the right, you can see the concept bike.

Presumably, this machine will be on the market sometime in 2021. We were expecting a 2020 release, on the Euro show circuit. With COVID interfering with the supply chain, who knows when it will actually happen now? The 901 will no doubt be more expensive than the standard KTM 790 Adventure it’s based on (expect better suspension and the latest-generation 890 motor). With pricey bikes not selling as well as the OEMs would like, the timing for the 901 might not be great. More expensive motorcycles seem to not be selling as well as the budget-oriented models these days.


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