BMW introduces 40th anniversary edition F750 GS, F850 GS, F850 GS Adventure

BMW’s F750 GS, F850 GS and F850 GS Adventure models get a few small upgrades for 2021, and they’re also available in 40th anniversary commemorative models.

The GS line started all the way back in ’81 with the R80 G/S. The new F series machines are 800-class bikes, but that’s about the only similarity. They’ve got modern dual-counterbalanced parallel twin engines, instead of the R80’s flat twin. The new F750 makes 77 horsepower, and the F850 makes 95 horsepower. Just as importantly, they meet Euro5 emissions standards.

All that should be unchanged for the 2021 models, as these bikes don’t really get any mechanical upgrades. The F750 and F850 models do get LED signal lights, a USB plug-in as standard, and BMW’s ABS Pro and Dynamic Traction Control systems fitted as standard. The F850 models also get a TFT display with updated connectivity options. BMW also updated its list of optional add-ons for the series; packaging and pricing for those electronics and accessories is always a bit jumbled, so we wouldn’t expect to figure out the details for a while yet, when the 2021 models start arriving.

Those are all practical, non-flashy upgrades. However, if you want an updated look, BMW can do that, too, with the 40th anniversary commemorative models. The F750, F850 and F850 GS are all available in a black-and-yellow anniversary paint job, a callback to the classic “bumblebee” GS paint jobs of the past. Does it work? They lack the Mad Max aesthetic of the older R-series bumblees, that’s for sure.

The 2021 anniversary models should be available in Canada next year, along with the standard F-series adventure bikes, as they’re already listed on BMW’s Canadian website. We haven’t seen any indication of availability or pricing, though (TBA, the website tells us …).

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