Long Way Up is headed to Apple TV+

Finally, some news on Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor’s Long Way Up television series. This time, the high-profile ADV trip will stream on Apple TV+, instead of the BBC.

A few weeks back, Vulture said the show would run on Apple TV+, but nobody noticed the news back then. Now, Variety is saying the same thing: the Argentina-to-LA road trip is coming to Apple’s streaming video service.

The first two Charley-and-Ewan adventures (Long Way Down, Long Way Round) aired on BBC Two (Long Way Round debuted on Sky 1, originally), so why the switch? Maybe it’s because BBC exec Alison Kirkham left for Apple TV+? It’s probably no coincidence that Apple’s acquisition of Long Way Up is mentioned in the story about Kirkham’s job change.

The previous two series covered a round-the-world trip and a London-to-Cape-Town trip. Long Way Up will follow McGregor and Boorman along their trip from the bottom of South America to California. Why not ride all the way to Alaska, you ask? It could have been time constraints, it could have been lack of interest, or it could be Charley and Ewan were tired of looking for places to plug in their Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycles. While the first two series saw them riding BMWs, Long Way Up used battery bikes, which caused no matter of fuss and conjecture. 

For more details on Apple TV+, check out the streaming service’s website. Right now, you can sign up for $4.99 a month, with a week’s free trial period. Buy an Apple device, and you get the service for free for a year. 

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