CMG slowing down for a while

We’ve all seen the effects of the COVID-19 virus, and we’ve all been affected by it in some way. Now, unfortunately, it’s hit Canada Moto Guide and we’ll be slowing down our production for a while. We’re all still healthy — at least, we think we are — but we just don’t have the revenue right now to publish the content we’ve all been enjoying for the last couple of decades.

The good news is that Managing Editor Dustin Woods will be looking after things for the foreseeable future. He’ll be updating CMG with news and reviews and all the essentials you need to know to maintain your motorcycle passion.

The not-so-good news is that Editor Mark Richardson and News Editor Zac Kurylyk are now on hiatus, staying home and safe, concentrating on their homes and families as they should. Mark has his 2008 Harley-Davidson Low Rider to ride —slowly and stubbonly, unless there’s a lockdown — and maybe this will be the year that he finally gets his 1986 Suzuki DR600 back on the road.

Zac has six bikes to care for, in various stages of repair and disrepair: the 2008 Yamaha WR250R that he rode through Labrador, his modified 2003 Suzuki DR650, his trusty 1996 Suzuki RF900R, his 1990 Suzuki DR350 (“the roach”, because it will be the last bike standing), a 1984 Honda VT750 Shadow project bike and, if he gets really bored, the 1978 Suzuki GS750 with an ’81 1100 motor that was a “gift” years ago from Editor ‘Arris.

Our freelance contributors are also all on hiatus, including Costa, Jeff, Willy, Bert and all the occasional members of our editorial team you’ve come to trust and enjoy.

This is a heavy weight we’re placing on Dustin’s shoulders, but we have little choice while this horrible coronavirus runs havok through our industry and our country. In the meantime, stay well and healthy and keep checking back here, and following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We’ll look forward to the rest of us seeing you on the other side!


  1. All of luck, keep safe and healthy and keep your heads. I can spend hours going through past stories and reviews so know that you have faithful readers that are behind you 100%.
    Much love from Israel!

  2. I’m just going g to pretend I’m a bear and go back to sleep for six weeks. I’ve still got some winter fat to live off of.

  3. Life is going to get even more boring!! Come back soon. Glad I got to read your last post Jeremy, hope you and Elle manage this slight challenge with all of your usual skill and aplomb!
    Riding in Cowtown?? LOL Snowing and -20 windchill, I might wait a bit yet. We usually have some nice weather after May long weekend!! Why do I live here again? Oh yeah, sucker for punishment.

  4. If CMG wants some additional content, why don’t we, as faithful visitors to this site, just donate some short riding stories (with some photos if possible) for publication. CMG can decide if it’s worthy of their standards and suitable for publication. Just a thought.

  5. Guys, everyone please take good care – and this too shall pass!
    Hey I came here to rant about the new Harley Revolution Max motor, which apparently comes in either 975cc or 1250cc config. and both motors “fit exactly the same”.
    How totally ridiculous! Clearly the 975 motor should be a far smaller and lighter package… otherwise what is the point? LoL What am I missing here…?

    • Its kinda like the 883 and 1200 Sportsters, or the Street 500 and 750s.
      Bigger displacement means a higher price tag with more features in the rolling chassis.

  6. One thing worth updating on – is it ok just going for a ride? I’m doing it, just taking more precautions – not stopping anywhere except for gas (and lights i guess), riding a bit slower than usual to not risk an accident and overwhelm emerg. workers, etc. But the whole stay at home and non essential travel kinda conflicts with this. I know it’s still legal, but how much longer ’till it’s not or god forbid – if i come up to a light and 4 other riders are there – am I technically in violation of gatherings of 5 or more 😉

    Crazy times!

    • I personally decided to cancel the registration on my bike for the foreseeable future because of that… No matter how carefully I’m riding I don’t have control over other road users and especially not over animals (that will go on the roads more than before with lower traffic) and right now is not the time to end up in the hospital… Heck, even the people who don’t live in our neighborhood don’t want to see us anyway. Every person that travels from one place to another is one more risk to them… I’m not going to wait for a complete lockdown to do the wise thing, I’m staying put at home and going out to go to the grocery and that it! Time to start reading books again, play video games, play with my dog and argue on the interweb!

  7. “Slowing down for awhile” is what we do when we see a cop. See you back at full speed a few turns later and down the road like Jeremy says.I have full confidence CMG will keep the rubber side up. I appreciate all you folks.

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