Honda updates Gold Wing nav software, says another update is coming

Honda’s just announced an update to the Gold Wing’s navigation software, and says another is coming.

The updates are for the latest-gen Wing, the 2018-and-up model. The improvements include the most recent map information, updated Honda dealership information and locations, new Traffic Flow and Traffic Reroute settings for SiriusXM subscribers, and there are some bug fixes for the waypoint entry system.

Honda explains the update procedure at its website here. You’ll need a suitable USB key and a computer with Internet connection to complete the process. Honda’s website warns that “updating your navigation system overwrites your favorites and history, and resets your “beep” volume to the default value. Updating the system will not affect AM/FM presets.”

The press release also stated “Honda will be announcing a major software update for the Gold Wing in May,” so you can expect more tweaks at that point—but Honda didn’t announce what those would be.


  1. Honda Motorcycle website sucks! If it does work, it crawls until the page requested shows. There are so many broken links and overall performance is just terrible. They need to fix this. Been like that for months now, at least since I started browsing in Jan 2020.

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