Ducati, Brembo and others shut down over COVID-19

The Carbon Strike comes with legit Brembo stoppers.

There’s more bad news from Europe, with COVID-19 spreading across the continent rapidly, and that in turn means more production interruptions in the motorcycle industry (KTM’s already shut down some operations in Austria).

Although the Italian manufacturers had stayed open in the face of considerable adversity, the news from Italy is that Ducati and Moto Morini have shut down, as well as brake manufacturer Brembo. Will we see similar news from other Italian or European manfucturers? It wouldn’t be surprising. Some Chinese factories have also closed earlier this winter, although production is resuming in various sectors in China by now.

Ducati says it’s hoping to get back in business soon next week. Brembo’s production closures are in effect until March 22, and Moto Morini didn’t indicate a timeframe, but no doubt also wants to keep things quick.

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