Looks like Honda’s recycling Africa Twin tech into other platforms

Honda’s Africa Twin has proven to be a solid bike with a reliable engine. So why not take that engine and put it into other platforms? If the tech drawings floating around the Internet are correct, Honda’s about to do just that.

Visordown has been running what appear to be design drawings of the CRF1100’s engine put into a naked bike chassis (supposedly, the drawings are patent filings unearthed in the US). The 1084 cc liquid-cooled parallel twin has been updated for 2020, and given the industry’s move towards more affordable designs (see also: KTM 790), putting this engine into a naked bike would make lots of sense.

As well, there’s gossip Honda might also put the engine into a cruiser, which again makes sense, as Honda’s basically gutted its cruiser line, and is no doubt eyeing BMW’s R18 project with interest. Would there be a market for a Super Rebel? Probably!


  1. It’s about time for a new model. All the old guys with their Harleys have nothing new to think about, and this will be just the thing!

  2. A 1000cc parallel twin cruiser makes a lot of sense- light weight, and powerful. The days of the BFCs (Big Fat Cruiser) is over. A Super Rebel i could sell a lot of!!!
    I would also love to see an XS700 cruiser with the Yamaha MT07 engine…

  3. It’s about time! Many times I have ridden my AT and thought what a great lightweight runabout would be with that engine.

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