Honda CT125 appears headed for production soon

The Honda CT125 was one of the most-ogled motorcycles on last fall’s show circuit, and now, it seems like it will be manufactured soon.

The CT125 takes the same air-cooled 125 cc engine that Honda already uses for the Grom, the Monkey and other models, and adds an old-school CT-style chassis. The CT line was long one of Honda’s most successful, and though they haven’t been sold new in Canada for years, they’ve continued sales in Australia and Africa and other far-flung markets, where they’re used for delivery duties. This is especially true in Australia, where they’re known as postie bikes—they function as an iconic mail service vehicle. Most recently, Honda used a 110 cc horizontal engine in this bike, but there were models in the 50 cc, 70 cc and 90 cc brackets as well.

Here in Canada, they were popular with cottagers, and also outdoorsmen. Hunters and fishermen cared less about raw horsepower and loved the CT’s go-everywhere attitude, especially on models with the dual-range transmission.

The new CT125 will most likely not have that dual-range capability, but it does look fairly close to the rest of the formula. found these images in European Intellectual Property Office filings, and there’s been other paperwork dug up over the winter that seems to confirm this: It looks like the CT125 will indeed see production, maybe as early as the 2021 season.


  1. just wondering without the dual range trans if the gearing would be low enough? i own a 76 ct90 and a 81c70 passport 40 plus years old and they run like new so im in line for the ct125

  2. I’ll fasten a big wicker basket on the rack and use it for grocery trips. Then I’ll search for any other reason to ride it on local country roads and forest paths. I had a 1975 Honda ST 90 and regret selling it. I’ve owned big bikes too. The new CT 125 would be perfect for me now and would be a keeper. Come on Honda Canada, import it !

    • I absolutely want one!! Early1980s 110CT, vet here. Have driven new Super Cub. This bike with knobbies!!! Spoked wheels, geared towards fire lanes, and around town, in Northern Wisconsin. Please honda, please. I’ll sell my old Yamaha XT250, in a second. Love the easy smooth semi-auto, transmission in these. Fuel injection, clock, and gas gauge also!!! Great!! Perfect in my older age now.

      • Can I ask why you’d pick the CT125 over the XT250? I’m a noob, but I also want the CT125 badly. Doing research and asking around, people are saying the XT250 might fit my goals (for me, I’m aiming for 45-50mph tops but mostly slower; wanting to take it on camping trips and scenic backroads, and slowly build up to multiday trips, but no hardcore off-roading or trails, and no desire for speed or highways). Either way, hope they send the CT125 to us.

  3. I would love to get one for use at my cabin. It’s nice to see the newest version now has a kick starter. I would have liked to see it keep the manual clutch from the Grom, because I’m not a fan of how the auto clutch shifts gears.

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