BMW recall

Recall #: 2020060
Models Involved: 2019 BMW C400
Number of Vehicles: 57
Issue: On certain scooters, water could collect at the end of the throttle cable. As a result, when operated in cold weather, the water could freeze and affect the movement of the throttle. In an extreme case, the throttle could stick in the open position.
Safety Risk: If the throttle sticks in the open position, an operator may be unable to slow or control the speed of the scooter. This could create the risk of a crash.
Corrective Actions: BMW Motorrad will notify owners by mail. The corrective actions for this recall are still being finalized. As an interim repair, BMW will instruct you to take your scooter to a dealer to have the throttle cable dried. BMW recommends that you do not ride in temperatures near or below freezing until the recall repairs are completed. The dealer will put a sticker on the motorcycle to remind you of this. You should also avoid washing the scooter in the area near the throttle cable and avoid riding it in rainy conditions.


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